FAQ - Domande Alba Renna Videography
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What kind of packages do you offer?

I have 3 different choices:

“I Like It”  
This service includes 5 hours with two videographer and the delivery of the highlight video (5-7 min) in 120 days. This is not avaiable on weekends.

“I Want It” 
This service includes 8 hours with two videographer and the delivery of the trailer and the featured film (15 min) in 120 days.

“I Love IT”
This service includes12 hours on the wedding day, two videographers, the wedding film (30-60 min) delivered in 60 days and one trailer delivered in 2 weeks.

Will your video style compliment my wedding?

My style is based on semplicity and natural light. Starting from this I always do my best to “read the room” and tune myself into the vibe of the wedding.

What is your approach to the day?

I’ll capture your day naturally and candidly. I’m very friendly, but always aware that the only way to capture spontaneous emotions is to make sure people do not realize that I’m present.

Do you travel for destination weddings?

YES! I love to.

Can you recommand a photographer?

Selene Pozzer is not only an amazing photographer, but she’s also the nicest person to have around on your wedding day.

How long do I need to schedule in for portraits sessions

This is the favourite part of the day for both videographer and photographer, so I always suggest to schedule between half an hour to an hour. The best moment to do a portrait session if sunset, for sure!

What details do you need from me?

I need to know where and when things happens. Plus some thing very important for me to know is if there’s specific shot that you really want to be taken. I’m not responsable for not “mind-reading”.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes. I, as all the staff, need a table and a full meal.
TIP: assign someone the job of making sure we’re not eating when something important is happening. It happens that the staff table is far from the reception room, in this scenario it’s impossible to hear if someone starts his speech for example.

Can I use my favourite song for the video?

I’m sorry, no. For the music I always need to pay a licence, but don’t worry, I’ll choose from Musicbed the best music for you or record live during your wedding day!