FAQ - Domande Alba Renna Videography
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What kind of services do you offer?

I have 3 different choices:

“I Like It”  
This service includes 5 hours with two videographer and the delivery in 120 days. This is not avaiable on weekends.

“I Want It” 
This service includes 8 with two videographer and the delivery in 120 days.

“I Love IT”
This service includes a couple shooting before (or after if you prefer) the wedding, no time limit on the wedding day, two videographers, the delivery in 60 days and one trailer delivered in 2 weeks. In addiction you’ll have the original filmed material of some special moments that we’ll agree before the wedding.

What kind of video do you edit?

I’ll deliver two different video: the wedding film will be 20 minute long and the trailer about 3 minute long.

Do you travel?

YES! I love to.

Do you work with a photographer?

With Selene Pozzer.