About Alba Renna- Alba Renna Videography Biography
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I love telling stories.

Born in the 90s, I’ve always been a cinema addict.

I started shooting short films. After a while my long time friend, amazing photographer and collegue Selene Pozzer in a warm july afternoon told me “Why don’t you try to shoot a wedding with me?”

I tried. I loved it.

Since then I studied a lot, I met all kind of different people. I refined my own personal style and now I’m sure that the only way to capture spontaneous emotions is to make people do not realize that a wedding videographer is present.

While shooting a wedding I always keep this acronym in my mind:”KISS”- Keep It Simple, Stupid! I’m sure that bigger, better, bolder is not the answer to create an amazing wedding film. In fact I’ll be dressed like a guest and my equipement is small.

For me good composition an natural light is the answer!

Alba Renna