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The Lady of the Lake

In lake Como there’s a 16th century Villa overlooking the water in Tremezzo. There you can feel like being somewhere out of time. Here there’s a lady and her beautiful dresses.

This video was made during the shooting of Christian Oth for Harper’s Bazaar. You can take a look at all the editoral here.

ROMA 1947

Roma 1947 is colors, emotions, Italianness.
This video was shot in a typical Italian villa in the countryside near Vicenza and in Bassano. We chose different locations for different styles.


The first thing that captured my attention in New York was the sound: the sound of people, of metro trains, of music. In New York there’s no silence.
This video tells how New York makes me feel.

The heart of a Rolex

I’ve always been fascinated by those jobs that requires minuteness, accuracy, probably because I admire who’s capable of such patience. That’s why I loved to spend a whole day in a watchmaker lab, learning the process behind the repair of a Rolex.